Stratford Club

Meets every other Thursday 2:00pm - 4:00pm


15 June        

Music, Mike and Pat (Strawberry Tea)

29 June

Africa, Eira

13 July

Municipal Charities Ros Dobson                                                            

25 July

Rotary Lunch- Feldon Valley Golf Club


*27 July

Songs from the Shows, Susan Davies – piano & June Childs - Vocals


07 Sept

To be arranged                   

21 Sept

Music, Mick White

05 Oct

LUNCH OUTING                            

19 Oct

George Formby, Alan Evans                                

02 Nov

Harpists, Audrey

16 Nov

Collie Ruff Crosses Ros Dobson                                                                                                            

30 Nov

Christmas Party, Tiddington Com C. Mick White

07 Dec

Christmas Lunch