Blackpool ‘light up the Tower’ for Wobbly Wednesday

The world famous Blackpool tower is turning blue especially for Wobbly Wednesday, nystagmus awareness day on Wednesday 5th November 2014

In support of the Nystagmus Network, Blackpool tower will be blue with a white heart.  A scrolling message will spread awareness of the eye condition nystagmus, characterised by involuntary movements of the eyes.  On Wednesday 5th November supporters of NN will be telling people what it’s like to have nystagmus and how the charity can support the 1 in 1,000 people affected by it.

Richard Wilson chairman, Nystagmus Network, said:

"This is great news, to have one of the nation’s favourite attractions at the heart of Wobbly Wednesday. It will give encouragement to all the wonderful people who are doing their bit for Wobbly Wednesday 2014, to raise awareness of nystagmus so that it becomes a word that everyone knows and understands.  Our colleagues in America have Niagara Falls taking part and we have Blackpool Tower, it doesn’t get much better.”

It’s easy to be a part of Wobbly Wednesday and help raise awareness of nystagmus:

·        Organise an event to spread awareness and contribute to a new £10,000 research grant.

·        Order a Wobbly Wednesday pack from or call 0245 634 2630.

·        Join the Wobbly Wednesday Facebook group;

·        Download a free poster and activity sheet;

To find out more about Wobbly Wednesday and Nystagmus Network, please contact: John Sanders, information and development manager, Tel: 029 2045 4242 email: john.sanders@nystagmusnet.orgor helpline: 0845 634 2630 or  website: