Calibre Cassette Service to close

Message from Calibre below:

We are writing to inform you that Calibre Audio Library’s cassette service is to close at the end of June 2015.

We have maintained this service for as long as possible but we would like to take this opportunity to explain this decision. We found we were unable to replace or maintain the duplication equipment needed for a cassette service. Neither was it feasible to replace or recycle cassettes as each time this process occurs the audio quality deteriorates.

Our director, Michael Lewington, has written to our remaining members, to inform them of the change. Detailed information was also included on how to switch to our digital service and the help available. Our dedicated Membership Services Team has been assisting people with their queries and explaining the options available. If members need to take a time to reflect on these changes, we can suspend membership for up to twelve months. People will be able to renew their membership and continue to enjoy our books without paying a re-joining fee.

Our digital format is available on MP3CDs, USB sticks and via streaming. It offers a significantly enhanced sound quality and is used by over 91% of our members. The books can be used on affordable easy-to-use players which are available from Calibre.

We currently have just under 8,000 digital books available with approximately 600 new titles each year being added to our expanding library.

It remains Calibre Audio Library’s vision to end reading exclusion for print disabled people by producing and lending free audio books.