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Nystagmus Network (NN) e-newsletter, December 2014

Save the date 2015:

January, 30thClinical Training Day, Bristol

May, 9thNystagmus Network Open Day, Newcastle

November, 4th, Wobbly Wednesday, Worldwide

Clinical Training Day *Paediatric nystagmus – a practical training day*

CPD recognition for nystagmus course

A one day training course enabling healthcare professionals to improve their knowledge of nystagmus has received accreditation from BIOS (British and Irish Orthoptists society).  Delegates attending the day being run by Nystagmus Network can learn from some of the UK’s leading lights including ophthalmologist Jay Self, vision scientist Professor Chris Harris, Leicester researchers Rebecca McLean and Helena Lee, plus Cardiff University’s Maggie Woodhouse OBE.

Are you have visually impaired and looking for employment?

The Royal National College for the Blind are recruiting adults for the Residential Training Programme to start in January.  The programme offers adults of working age the opportunity to train in a range of courses that can meet realistic working expectations, both for the trainee and potential employers. 

Seeing Ear Poetry Competition

Seeing Ear is a registered charity providing free online library of books in a flexible format for individuals who want to read but who struggle with paper books (due to blindness or visual impairment, dyslexia, or a physical disability). They are holding a poetry competition for under-18s who are eligible to use the library. It's free to enter and judged by children's poet Brian Moses. The prize is £150, and there are runner-up prizes, and all entries will be included in our competition anthology.

"Visually-impaired musicians' lives": Conference 2015

The "Visually-impaired musicians' lives" (VIML) conference will be taking place in London on Tuesday 10 and Wednesday 11 March 2015. We are delighted by the interest that has already been shown. 

The conference will take place over 2 days:

Tuesday 10 March 2015 

Wednesday 11 March 2015

Jelly good fun on Wobbly Wednesday

A day that included a teacher being pelted with jelly and a pub selling jelly laced with vodka made sure it really was a Wobbly Wednesday on the 5th November.  Hospitals and schools joined in the fun to raise awareness of the eye condition nystagmus.  Niagara Falls, the CN tower, Toronto and Blackpool Tower were all lit blue in recognition of the day.

Microsoft headset to help blind people navigate cities

A headset that talks visually impaired people around cities has been designed by Microsoft.

It works with a Windows phone and uses location and navigation data with a network of information beacons in urban locations to describe routes.

The headset was tested on a journey from Reading to London, including shopping, bus and train travel.

The charity Guide Dogs, which helped develop the technology, said it could help improve lives.

Of the two million registered visually impaired people in the UK, 180,000 rarely or never go out, according to the charity.

Herefordshire Vision Links Technology Day

Come and join our exciting Technology Day on Thursday 13 November 2014 at the town hall in Hereford from 10am until 4pm. Entrance is free for this event and there is a café selling tea, coffee, squash and cakes.   

The Sight village held in Birmingham once a year is a very successful event which attracts a large number of exhibitors and visitors. This has inspired Herefordshire Vision Links to hold a similar event as we appreciate that not everyone would have been able to attend the event in Birmingham. 

Nystagmus Network (NN) e-newsletter, October 2014

Landmarks light-up

Some might say that the success of Wobbly Wednesday is a landmark in the spreading of nystagmus awareness; others might tell you about the three world famous landmarks taking part.  Our colleagues at the American Nystagmus Network got the ball rolling with Niagara Falls being illuminated blue for 15 minutes. In Toronto CN tower is turning blue and here in the UK Blackpool tower will be blue too.

Video brings Nystagnus Network Open Day to life.

A new video from the Nystagmus Network showing the highlights of the charitie’s 2014 Open Day is now available to watch on You tube.

With a single click of the mouse viewers are taken to Leicester.  On stage are Nystagmus experts from Cardiff and Leicester and keynote speaker Sarah Caffrey, a Paralympic rower with nystagmus. Their audience are 150 people all eager to find out more about the eye condition that affects them or a family member. 


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