COVID19 News and Information

WVS Response:

  • All clubs, support centres and home visitor services have had to close, but telephone support is available by calling Warwickshire Vision Support on 01926 411331

  • In March/April we made 3000+ welfare calls to everyone on our database to establish their immediate welfare needs and any future concerns.  This enormous task was only possible with the support of over 100 of our volunteers.  We were additionally supported by a number of new ‘COVID 19’ volunteers who joined us from hospitals and schools.

  • We handled the information from the welfare calls by creating a traffic light system RED, AMBER and GREEN, with GREEN indicating that a service user was supported and in need of no assistance.  In the early weeks we dealt with a significant number of RED and AMBER classifications and provided people support with emergency shopping, food parcels, foodbank referrals, medication deliveries and online shopping support.  We also identified those people that were potentially unwell and have literally saved some lives.  An overwhelming number of people told us how lonely they were feeling - that the suspension of our face to face services had left a void in their lives.

  • As a result of the welfare calls we quickly developed a telephone befriending service.  Many of our Club and Home Visitor volunteers are also keeping regular weekly contact with their members.  Data relating to these calls is captured to help us monitor the impact of the service in relation to the time donated by volunteers and the positive emotional support given.  We now have over 280 service users in receipt of a weekly call which provides them with stimulating conversation, community connection and that vital ongoing welfare check.

  • The welfare of our service users is paramount to us and everything that we do is centred on their wellbeing.  Since launching the Telephone Befriending Service we have responded to a significant number of new welfare concerns raised by volunteers.  We know that the COVID 19 crisis is impacting significantly on people’s lives and as a result someone can be happy, stable and supported one week and then absent, unwell and alone the next.  We are so appreciative of the time that all of you are taking to report back to us your welfare concerns.  We are acting on those concerns immediately to find a satisfactory solution which unfortunately in some cases has again involved the emergency services and safeguarding.

  • Procurement and delivery of free Waitrose food parcels to those in need.

  • Employees are either furloughed or working from home.

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