Home Visitor Service

For many people living with sight loss, the greatest challenges are often those associated with isolation and the problems of not being able to access information. 

The Home Visitor Service helps you to maintain your independence and to continue to live in your home.

We provide a reservoir of carefully selected volunteers who come to your home and help you read your mail and, where appropriate, help you to respond.  

Our Volunteers not only help you to access your mail, but will also read newspapers, magazines or books or help with monitoring the “use by” dates on food in the fridge and organising your groceries.

Perhaps of most importance, is the opportunity to share a friendly cup of tea and a chat.

The Home Visitor Service is currently provided free of charge.  Our team of committed volunteers donate their time and energy whilst management and logistics of the scheme is supported with the help of donations.

If you would like more information about joining the Home Visitor Service, then please call us on 01926 411331 or email us at enquiries@warwickshire.vision

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