My Guide

My Guide is designed to help you to get out of your home and to participate more fully in your local community.


Guide Dogs for the Blind provide volunteers who act as your sighted guide, coming to your home and guiding you to a prearranged venue or activity.

Perhaps you have been asked by your doctor to take regular exercise but are not confident walking unaccompanied around your local community?  Maybe there is a particular activity or group that you would like to attend but are unable to get to and from the venue?

The My Guide Scheme is designed to help you to build the skills and confidence to live a more active lifestyle as an integrated member of your local community. 

The service is dependent upon volunteer availability and is managed by Guide Dogs for the Blind.   

Although My Guide volunteers may take you shopping for a special occasion or to buy a particular gift, they cannot provide volunteers to help you with weekly grocery shopping.

The My Guide scheme is free, however, you must bear the cost of public or private transport, for both you and your volunteer if you chose to go on a trip.

If you require any more information about the My Guide Service then please contact us on 01926 411331 or email