Interactive Technology Service

IT training session at a support centre

The IT training service is now available at the weekly vision support centres via an appointment.

In recent years, many services have gone online - often accompanied by a reduction in front line staff to save money. For visually impaired people this can make accessing services more difficult. However, we believe that new digital technology can be inclusive and empowering and make a positive impact on your life.

The IT Service is designed to help you to harness digital technology to manage many aspects of your life.  What could be more convenient than shopping, banking and booking your appointments all from the comfort of your own home?  

We will give you the chance to try out a selection of computers, tablets and smart phones to identify the one  that best suits your level of vision; the type of information or services you want; and, which ones match your price range.

We will give you an introduction and basic training at your local Vision Support Centre and provide ad hoc support over the phone or online.

To gain maximum benefit from this service, you will need your own digital device and have Internet access.

If you are interested in registering for the Interactive Technology Service please call Warwickshire Vision Support on 01926 411331

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