Accessibility Settings

Standard tablets and smart phones now have accessibility settings available as standard but most people never look at them and so don't know how various settings can be changed to help them use their device. The settings can vary by device and operating system version but are usually found :

Settings → Accessibility

Settings to Improve Visibility

    Large text
    Bold text
    Reduced transparency
    Increased contrast

Settings to enable Talk and Listen Features

    Hear messages, emails and documents using "Read Page" or "Read Item"
    Write messages and emails using "Dictation"
    Use a smart assistant eg Siri, Google Assistant or Bixby
    Navigate your device using "Voiceover" or "Talkback"

There are many different settings and their suitability varies depending on your particular sight abilities. For help with your specific device and needs please register for the Interactive Technology Service either at your local Vision Support Centre or by calling Warwickshire Vision Support on 01926 411331

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