Identification Apps

These apps help identify objects around you and convert text to speach :

Seeing AI icon

Seeing AI

This app narrates the world around you, harnessing the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to describe nearby people, text and objects. The app has a number of features, including speaking text as soon as it appears in front of the camera, providing audio guidance to capture a printed page and reading handwritten text. Identifies colours, scenes and currency. The app is an ongoing research project and as the research progresses, more channels may be added.

Available: IOS
Cost: Free

Sullivan+ icon


Sullivan + is a visual-aid app for Android that can do text recognition, face recognition, image description and more. You can hold your device above a document and it will let you know when the edges are visible and then it can be read out loud. There is a Youtube guide within the help area.

Available: IOS and Android 
Cost: Free

Lookout icon

Lookout by Google

Using the phone's camera, Lookout makes it easier to get more information about the world around you and do daily tasks more efficiently like sorting mail, putting away groceries, and more.

Use Food Label mode (beta) to quickly identify packaged foods by their label, in addition to scanning barcodes. Read a whole page of text with Scan Document mode. Use Quick Read mode to quickly skim text and hear it read aloud. Explore mode (beta) offers information about objects in your surroundings.

Available : Android

Cost : Free

supersense icon


Supersense is an assistive app that helps blind and visually impaired users to read, find objects, and explore places independently. Users can independently:
- Read texts, documents and handwriting quickly using our unique auto camera guidance system
- Locate specific objects such as a chair, door, trashcan, or person around by scanning the environment with the camera
- Explore new and unfamiliar environments and hear about the objects that are around
- Read texts on photos and PDFs from other apps. Simply share the files to Supersense and it will read it for you in seconds.

Available : IOS and Android

Cost : Free, Free trial then subscription for advance features

TapTapSee icon


The app uses the phone’s camera and VoiceOver functions to photograph objects and identify them for the user. You double-tap the device’s screen to photograph any two or three dimensional object at any angle, and the app analyses the image and gives you a description, out loud, within seconds.

Available : IOS and Android

Cost : Free

Light Detector icon

Light Detector

Transforms any natural or artificial light source it encounters into sound. Just run the application and point your phone’s camera in any direction. You will hear a higher or lower sound depending on the intensity of the light, enabling you to understand where light fixtures and windows are in a room.

Available : IOS

Cost : Free

CamFind icon


It allows you to do an online search by simply taking a photo of an object – the app then uses mobile visual search technology to tell you what it is. It provides fast results with no typing necessary. Snap a picture and learn more. Search results include related images, local shopping results and a selection of web results, which are also easy to share through the app.

Available : IOS and Android

Cost : Free

iDentifi icon


This an app uses artificial intelligence to enable a visually impaired user to click a photo and get an instant description. It’s able to recognise objects, brands, colours, facial expressions, handwriting and text, and delivers an audible description of the image’s contents to the user. The interface is very accessible and gives the option to choose from three different modes of object and text recognition, as well as how fast you want the app to speak. Ensure voiceover is on.

Available : IOS

Cost : Free

BeSpecular icon


“Let blind people see through your eyes” is their tagline and this app matches sighted volunteers with visually impaired users. The visually impaired person takes a photo of what he or she needs help with and attaches a voice message, which is sent to a community of volunteers (or sightlings as they call them). Within minutes, the user receives a reply and then rates out of five stars the helpfulness of the volunteer. This app is great because you get a description from a real human being, it’s very accessible and it’s quick.

Available : IOS and Android

Cost : Free

Aipoly Vision icon

Aipoly Vision

This an object and colour recogniser that uses artificial intelligence to help people with a visual impairment to understand their surroundings. Simply point your phone at the object of interest and press any of the recognition buttons at the bottom of the screen to turn on the artificial intelligence. The app will keep running and recognising objects until you switch to a different mode. Aipoly Vision can recognise 1,000 essential items for free, and many more through a subscription. You get the odd (often humorous!) inaccuracy but generally it’s pretty impressive.

Available : IOS and Android

Cost : Free or £4.99 monthly subscription for all features

Digit-Eyes icon


This reads manufacturer’s barcodes and tells you the product name. In some cases it will give you a full description, usage instructions and ingredients. You can also record your own audio labels or make text labels that are read aloud by your phone, so that you know the difference between a can of dog food and a can of soup!

Available : IOS

Cost : £9.99

K N F B Reader icon

KNFB Reader

This takes a photo of text and then reads it aloud in clear synthetic speech. It is fully accessible using VoiceOver and if you’re worried about getting all the text in the photo, a tricky task if you’re blind, the app will help you. It has text detection so you know you have the printed side of the page. It also has tilt assist and viewfinder assist, helping you to get the whole page photographed. It could read letters, receipts, bills, menus or any other text and it does so instantly. This one comes with a much heavier price tag than any of the other apps listed but can be a real life changer.

Available : IOS and Android

Cost : £99.99

Magnifying Glass with Light icon

Magnifying Glass with Light

This app enables the user to very simply magnify text or objects up to 10x. You can have the light on or off and simply tap to focus. The simple features all work well with VoiceOver and it’s great for someone with a low level visual impairment for things like reading menus or receipts.

There is a built in magnifier in iOS 10 and later

Available : IOS and Android

Cost : Free

WayAround icon


This provides personal on demand information about everyday things. Purchased WayTags are attached to items and useful information is stored in the app. Once tagged the item can be scanned and the stored information is spoken to you. WayTags come as stickers, magnets, buttons, and clips and can be re-used and the information edited.

WayTags are available from

Available : IOS or Android phone with NFC (Near-field communication) technology.

Envision AI icon

Envision AI

Describes the visual world around you with the help of artificial intelligence and OCR. Read text in over 60 different languages, use the magnifier, scan barcodes or your environment. Read documents – scan documents with one or multiple pages with the help of Envision in framing the document. Detects colour and reads neat handwriting.

Available: IOS and Android

Cost: Free 



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