Navigation Apps

These apps help you navigate the world around you using GPS :

Be My Eyes icon

Be My Eyes

“Lend your eyes to the blind” is their tagline and Be My Eyes is very similar to BeSpecular in that the app matches a visually impaired user with a sighted volunteer. The difference is that you are connected through a live video connection and the sighted volunteer can tell the user what they see when the user points their phone at something using the rear-facing camera.

Available : IOS and Android

Cost : Free

Microsoft Soundscape icon

Microsoft Soundscape

Uses 3D audio technology to enhance your awareness of what is around you to help you get around and explore your surroundings. The app places audio cues and labels in 3D space such that they sound like they are coming from the direction of the points of interest. Stereo headset gives the directional cues. Place an audio beacon on a point of interest, you wish to track, to hear it as you move around.

Available : IOS

Cost : Free

Link ATM Finder icon

Link ATM Finder

This fully accessible app was developed with the Thomas Pocklington Trust (TPT) to enable visually impaired people to locate Link ATMs more easily. Users can filter their search to find ATMs that have audio assistance, are free to use, belong to a specific organisation, such as your bank, and are wheelchair accessible. The app is GPS-enabled and shows you the ATMs that are closest to you on a map and also allows you to search for ATMs in other locations to help you plan ahead. Post offices are also covered.

Available : IOS and Android

Cost : Free

Blind Square icon


This an accessible GPS app, which describes the environment, announces points of interest, streets and user specified points as you travel. The most important BlindSquare functions can be accessed through an audio menu via any headset or speaker that supports Apple’s music controller. Once BlindSquare has determined your location using your phone’s GPS, it will look up information about your surroundings, for example, you could use it to find restaurants within a 200 meter radius or to find the nearest post office or the library.

Available : IOS

Cost £39.99

Lazarillo icon


This a specialized GPS app that brings mobility tools for blind people. Using audio messages, Lazarillo will tell you about nearby places, the street you are walking on, street intersections in your way and more! Like a radio, Lazarillo will announce the places around you while you move.

Available : IOS and Android

Cost : Free



Whilst Warwickshire Vision Support may be able to suggest various third party websites and third party applications which may be able to assist you, those are not endorsed by Warwickshire Vision Support.  Warwickshire Vision Support has no control over those third parties and cannot be held responsible for the accuracy of information and support they can provide or the suitability and quality of any products or services they provide.

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