Alexa, open RNIB Talking Books

(10 August 2021 12:00 am)

The RNIB has now launched an Alexa skill that enables RNIB talking books subscribers to be able to listen to their books via an Amazon smart speaker as well as through RNIB’s usual library services. This new skill allows you to search for books by title, author or key word. The book will be read by a narrator and Alexa will remember your place when you stop listening so you can start again at the correct place. 

RNIB Talking Books are free to blind and partially sighted users, there are over 32000 titles that you can enjoy. Books can be browsed and downloaded on your favourite device or delivered to your door on a CD or USB stick. This new Alexa skill gives another great way to access your books.

To access the Talking Books skill you must have an Amazon account to which your Alexa devices will be registered. You also need an existing free RNIB Reading Services account or you can sign up for one online.  To register for Talking books contact the RNIB helpline on 0303 123 9999 or register online at

For more information please visit the RNIB page click here

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