Echo Dot Trial Results

(7 April 2021 12:00 am)

Warwickshire Vision Support were given a number of Echo Dots during the first lockdown and to maximise their potential for our service users we decided to run a trial for six months and then pass them onto new people later in the year. Due to further lockdowns we have not retrieved the devices but have asked the lucky recipients for their feedback.

Set Up Process:

40% for the people receiving the Echo Dot set it up themselves whilst 60% had help from friends or family.

90% said that it was very easy or easy to set up

How useful is the Echo Dot:

80% said that they found the Echo Dot very useful or useful.

The top three uses were:

Pie chart of age demographic showing 30% above 70, 30% 51 to 70, 25% 21-50 and 15% below 21


Pie chart will you replace the device at the end of the trial 65% yes, 10% yes done so already,10% no, 15% don't know

Here are the comments we received:


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