(14 February 2022 12:00 am)

NaviLens tags are used around the world to give people information about whatever they are attached to. The tags are similar to QR codes but are less complex consisting of a grid of multicoloured squares which can be read at an angle by the app in a phone. 

NaviLens is being used in many cities to enable users to interact with their environment in subway and train stations, bus stops, museums and public buildings. These tags are being rolled out in various countries including wide use in Spain where the app was developed. It is also used in the New York Metro and further locations are being added all the time.

RNIB have added NaviLens tags to their signs in their head office in London and are rolling out id badges with NaviLens tags for all staff which will give staff names and positions if read by the app.

Some companies are incorporating tags onto their packaging with ingredients and cooking instructions.
Within the app you can request your own tags and these can then be positioned around your home to label items of interest. Just stick the tag to an item and record the information within the app.

The NaviLens tags have been designed to be read at a distance or at an angle so you don’t have to be to exact when scanning for the tag. The app will then give tones or speach to help you navigate to the tagged item.

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