Synapptic Version 8

(14 December 2021 12:00 am)

Synapptic Version 8 is now available for download for users with a current update contract. 

The new features include:

  1. RNIB audio books – the library is now incorporated into the standard menu structure. Search, download and play books from the library that contains over 30,000 books. You will need to register for the RNIB Reading Service before being able to access the library.
  2. Web browser dark mode – this allows you to change the colours of a web page to white text on a dark background.
  3. Screen mirroring – allows you to display your tablet or mobile screen on a smart TV.
  4. Emoji keyboard – allows you to send emoji’s in your texts and emails.
  5. Voicemail indicator – the call menu and voicemail menu both speak and indicate if a voicemail message is waiting.
  6. Synapptic news – new menu option where information from Synapptic can be found.
  7. Fingerprint security – if your device has this option you can now touch instead of entering a pin code or swiping the screen.
  8. Storage information – is now available in phone information.
  9. Speech verbosity – this can be adjusted depending on user requirements or experience.
  10. New voice commands
  11. Delete multiple text messages – select all to delete and then select OK.
  12. International phone numbers – press star key (*) twice to type a plus sign and then enter the number as normal.
  13. One-time passwords – these are used when setting up accounts etc but it was difficult to switch between applications. Now the codes are automatically extracted to the Android clipboard and Synapptic clipboard.
  14.  Auto rotate feature has been enhanced – important in screen mirroring.
  15. Simplified and re-organised menus.
  16. Simplified main menu layout – Social media has been changed to Social and contains YouTube , Facebook, Twitter and Skype.
  17. New WIFI list -  the required network can be selected without needing to go to the Android screen.
  18. Enhanced operation – eg progress bars for download and confirmation button for calls etc.
  19. Synapptic Reader – simplified.
  20. Sharing features enable a web site link or YouTube video to be copied into a text or email.

For further information about version 8 and how to get it if you don't have a current software update contract please contact Synapptic on 0191 909 7 909 or visit their web site here.

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