On-Line Resources

There are many web sites that can assist visually impaired people, below are just a few suggestions

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Simply Informed

This web site has been delevloped by a WVS IT volunteer and brings together links to many web sites eg Accessibility pages for Apple/Andriod/Windows and other help pages. www.simplyinformed.uk

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This is an American non-profit organisation that has online videos and audio content to help with all aspects of visual impairment. There are technology workshops for accessibility settings for Apple, Android and Windows with instructions on learning to use screen readers with apps and browsers or voice assistants. www.hadley.edu/learn

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Vital Tech

This website is funded by the Thomas Pocklington Trust to provide advice and promote the adoption of accessible technology. There is information about Computing, Reading and Magnifiers, Staying in touch, Relaxing at Home and more. www.vitaltech.org.uk

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