One Cup Hot Water Dispensers - Boiling water at the touch of a button

For people living with sight loss making a hot drink can be problematic and a little scary. A variable one cup hot water dispenser takes away the lifting and pouring and so the possibility of over-filling the cup, when set correctly.

There are several hot water dispensers on the market costing between £30 and £60. They are fundamentally a kettle but with a one touch button that will dispense a measured cup of boiling water directly into the cup placed on the tray below the water outlet.

For a VIP the recommendation is for a variable dispenser. Whilst this version is more expensive, it dispenses just enough water to fill either a small tea cup, a large mug or several measured amounts in between, with one press of a button. A bump-on or two can be placed to select your favourite settings. The non-variable dispenser will only dispense around 250ml which is approximately a large mug-full. Some dispensers also include technology that filters out impurities in the water.

There are numerous suppliers including the Breville Hot Cup shown here. It can be filled from the tapor via a jug, which we recommend. There are non-slip feet on the base keeping the whole unit steady. Some have an added safety feature of a manual ‘stop’ button to stop the flow of water instantly. Some will glow red whilst heating. One cup of hot water is dispensed in approximately 30 seconds, heating only that amount. The tank remains cold. It will only take up as much room on the kitchen counter as a traditional kettle.

One Cup Dispenser

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