Jimbo and David's Everest Challenge

(24 March 2021 12:00 am)

No guide dog has ever climbed Everest, but Jimbo is going to give it a go!

He will lead his totally blind master David Adams from sea level to the 29,032 ft (8848.86 m) height of Everest to raise funds for European Guide Dogs, Motor Neurone Disease Association and Warwickshire Vision Support.

Jimbo and David will climb Marston Hill 197 times over the next few months.

On Monday 1st March, St. David’s Day, Jimbo and David made their first climb and will continue every day (twice on Saturdays and Sundays) until August 8th, David’s 78th birthday – a distance equivalent to nearly seven full marathons!

David said, “If my knees hold out, I look forward to this challenge. Having been in Covid lockdown for most of the last year, I’m looking forward to a bit of fresh air and to lose some weight along the way”.

Jimbo said, “Woof Woof”,

Priors Marston sits on the Warwickshire, Northamptonshire and Oxfordshire borders and is a watershed with streams running into the Thames, The Wash and the Severn estuary. Marston Hill has a steep gradient of 14% and David and Jimbo are tackling the North West slope.

Click here to help support David and Jimbo in their Everest challenge

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