Get Your COVID-19 Home Test Kit Instructions In Accessible Formats

(15 April 2021 12:00 am)

If you’re blind or partially sighted and need to get a coronavirus (COVID-19) test, the Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB) can help by providing you with the home test kit instructions in braille, audio (CD), or large print.

To order the instructions in an alternative format and to learn more please visit:

The audio version of the instructions (in English) is also available to listen to on the RNIB Info Line, a recorded information service. Simply call 0203 432 1488 and follow the instructions. If you want to talk to an advisor, you can easily connect to the RNIB Helpline by pressing star 1.

Here are some instructions to get you started:
Press star 1 - Connect to RNIB Helpline
Press hash - Plays help menu
Reading controls:
Press 1 - Skip back 30 seconds
Press 3 - Skip forward 30 seconds
Press 4 - Skip back 3 minutes
Press 5 - Pauses reading
Press 6 - Skip forward 3 minutes
Press 7 - Previous track
Press 9 - Next track
Press star then star again - Returns to the menu

Additionally, the RNIB have a page on their website detailing on what to expect when you recieve your coronavirus home testing kit:

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