Warwickshire Vision Support's New Logo

(18 July 2022 12:00 am)

We are proud to announce the launch of our new logo as part of the ongoing evolution of Warwickshire Vision Support.

We made this decision to change the logo with the purpose of modernising and increasing awareness of the charity, signalling a new and exciting time for Warwickshire Vision Support that is reflected in a modern and bold logo image.

After creating a shortlist of logo options, we asked our staff, volunteers and trustees to vote for their favourite option that will reflect Warwickshire Vision Support for the future. 
We first created several different and contrasting logo options that were put on display at the Volunteers Celebration in Rugby during National Volunteers Week earlier in June.  Feedback from volunteers at the event was overwhelmingly in favour of just one of the logo options. The popular logo was developed into two new variants which incorporated all of the feedback we received.  The three logos that were then shortlisted to a vote, where there was a clear winner. 

Our logo has two words. Warwickshire is written in plain and fine text above the word Vision which is written using a larger font size, bold and stretched so the two words start and end at the same point, presenting a rectangular shape.  All text is in upper case.  The letter O in the word Vision is in shades of a vibrant orange and has been changed to narrow the central hole so it represents a stylised impression of the iris from an eye.  All other text is in black on a white background.  There is a straight orange line underneath the letter O which symbolises support to the iris. 

It is worth noting that the logo references “Warwickshire Vision” and not “Warwickshire Vision Support”, “or “Warwickshire Association for the Blind”, the original title of the charity. We are not making a formal change to the name of the charity. Warwickshire Vision which arguably sounds a little more modern and is already used widely in conversation. The change is in the logo only. 

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