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25 May 2021

(25 May 2021 12:00 am)

Today Luke from Amazon joined the Zoom call to talk about the Amazon Echo Show. Unfortunately Amazon did not allow the meeting to be recorded so here are some notes on the presentation. Alexa, is the same application on all the devices that are Alexa enabled. The differences are down so the physical components eg screen size, speaker size, screen resolution etc. Alexa can play free music from Amazon music with occasional adverts or from your favourite subscription service eg. Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music etc. Internet radio stations are.....
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13 April 2021

(13 April 2021 12:00 am)

Dave from Dolphin Computer Access Ltd gave us a demo of their Guide Connect software. This software has large high contrast menus, voice feedback and voice dictation that enables visually impaired people to access emails, documents, web sites, calendars, books and TV  etc on Windows 10 devices ie PC’s, laptops and Windows tablets. The software can be purchased for an existing computer (£545 for 2 devices) or a bundle can be purchased including laptop, printer/scanner, webcam and remote (£1,100). Another option is a TV box which connects to.....
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9 Mar 2021

(9 March 2021 12:00 am)

Natasha from RealSAM joined the IT forum to tell us about the In Your Pocket mobile phone that is designed for the blind and visually impaired. In Your Pocket a voice activated mobile phone by which you are able to make calls, read messages, listen to books or newspapers and get navigation assistance, just press one button and talk. Prices start from £25.99 per month for a two year contract and this includes UK calls, 3GB data per month and on-going help from the customer support team. To find out more about the In Your Pocket mobile phone click.....
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17th Feb 2021

(3 March 2021 12:00 am)

Today, we were joined by Steve Nutt from Computer Room Services who talked to us about low and high tech solutions for visually impaired people. Steve is himself totally blind, and, he would describe himself as a computer geek who loves gadgets, music, sound editing and restoration of media. Some of the services offered by Computer Room include: •    On site and remote computer support •    Computer training – JAWS, NVDA, SUPERNOVA •    Product sales including – voice recorders, braille displays •    Sound editing and restoration.....
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16 Feb 2021

(17 February 2021 12:00 am)

Kieran Conroy from Synapptic joined the IT Forum Zoom meeting to demonstrate the Synapptic tablet and mobile phones. These are Android devices that have a large print menu system with voice feedback that enable visually impaired people to access all features of smart devices. The presentation was split into 3 sections, communication, entertainment and remaining independent with demos of phone calls, text messages, emails, BBC iPlayer, YouTube, reading machine and web searching. Software can be purchased for an existing Android device (specification.....
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3rd Feb 2021

(9 February 2021 12:00 am)

Wednesday Video Support Group Update -  Wednesday 3rd February 2021 We had another very successful and informative meeting with a guest presentation from Tracy Ashby of Wright Hassall Solicitors. An audio version of the meeting has been uploaded to the Warwickshire Vision website and can be accessed by clicking this link Below is a brief summary of the meeting: Tracy Ashby from Wright Hassall Solicitors talked to us about the importance of having a valid Will and also Power of Attorneys. Tracy also discussed Inheritance Tax and gifts and how.....
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20th Jan 2021

(2 February 2021 1:25 pm)

Wednesday Video Support Group Update - Wednesday 20th January 2021 Thank you to everyone who attended. We had another very successful and informative meeting with a guest presentation from Ray Veal and Ana Crome – Tourism for All UK. An audio version of the meeting has been uploaded to the Warwickshire Vision website and can be accessed by clicking this link Below is a summary of the meeting, together with details of an evening meeting which is scheduled for February. We hope that some new faces will be able to join us at our first evening.....
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6 Jan 2021

(6 January 2021 12:00 am)

Welcome to a new member of the Warwickshire Vision team - Owen Williams.  Owen has joined us as our new Administration and Finance Manager. Moving forward, Owen will supervise the finance, admin, fundraising and volunteering areas of the charity.  I am sure you will all get to meet and hear more about Owen in due course. As it was an open session we started the meeting by chatting about Christmas and this allowed people to share stories. Electric car experience  - Jane shared with us a frightening experience she had over Christmas involving.....
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16 Dec 2020

(16 December 2020 12:00 am)

Warwickshire Vision magazine - what people thought about it. I was asking for feedback on content and suggestions for editorials. The following ideas were shared: Information/Article about Charles Bonnet Syndrome, Eye Clinic updates and information about the role of the ECLO - Eye Clinic Liaison Officer, information about Journey Care when travelling on trains, information about VASA community transport which operates in the Stratford area. Are there any other similar community transport services and could a directory of services be made available.....
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9 Dec 2020

(9 December 2020 12:00 am)

Richard Bowring from Associated Optical kindly took time out from his day and joined us to talk about some of the latest products which can support independent living. Richard's presentation was recorded and the audio file can be found here: Audio File Richard discussed the following pieces of equipment: MAX TV spectacles, Cocoon Polare Len Filters which are worn over glasses,  the Visolux XL 12" & The Vario FHD 16" digital magnifiers. If anyone is interested in talking to us about the products available from Associated Optical then please.....
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