11 Nov 2020

(11 November 2020 12:00 am)

Physical Support Centres - Due to a number of issues, we have decided to postpone reopening until January 2021. We will then run a pilot, with a view to rolling out an appointment based system across the county. As soon as we have more details of this, we will let everyone know.

Apple iPhone 11 - Kate Perkins gave an update about an Apple Iphone 11 offer available on EE network which is being promoted by Money Saving Expert.  This is a time limited offer. For more information about Money Saving Expert deals you can visit their website for details: Here

Amazon Firestick - Mel Pritchard told us all about her installation of an Amazon Firestick on her television and how impressed she was with the voice command facility. This now means that Mel can stream photos from a device to her television and for the first time in a while is able to view family photos more clearly.

British Blind Sport (BBS) - David Melville kindly gave his time to join us to talk about how British Blind Sport (BBS) has adapted their service provision since March and the sports they are offering during lockdown. David emphasised the importance of exercise on improving both physical and mental health, but also the immune system. Whilst BBS normally would offer cricket, 10 pin bowling, shooting, football etc, they have had to adapt their offering due to social distancing. BBS has developed a live workout week which takes place one a week at the beginning of every month. The sessions are scheduled for 6pm each day and last for 30 minutes. It is free to participate in these fitness sessions. The instructors running the virtual sessions are disability specialists. You do not need any prior training beforehand and can work at your own pace. You do not need specialist equipment, so, if you do not have weights handy, you can always grab a tin of baked beans or a small bottle of water which will provide some resistance.

Here is the update which David has provided me following the meeting:

The Active at Home Programme consists of a live workout week at the beginning of each month, with a different inclusive class each night from Monday to Friday at 6pm.

Following these live workouts, each of the instructors will release a “follow up” exercise session so that you can improve and build on your performance and stamina throughout the month for each different class – until the next live workout week begins

All the sessions will take place via Zoom. Whilst we try to also stream our workouts to Facebook, we recommend joining in via Zoom so that our instructors can see you and give you feedback and assist you verbally if needed  

After the week of live workouts, each instructor will send out a follow up session which will help you progress in their particular class and allow you to build up the skills you need for the next live workout week. We will keep the same class on the same night each month and encourage you to do the follow up videos on the same night - e.g. Strength and Tone every Monday, HIIT every Tuesday etc. This way, it works as a proper exercise programme and you can do it at whatever time of day you have free!!
If you would like to receive all of our workouts directly to you inbox we highly recommend all those interested sign up to our mailing list by visiting: Here
For those who were unable to attend the live classes can access the pre-recorded sessions by visiting YouTube at: Here
Information about other sporting activities please visit our BBS activity finder: Here

Bowling Club - If you are interested in indoor bowling, then Warwickshire Vision Support have an active Bowling Club which meets every Friday morning in Gaydon which is just outside of Leamington Spa. Whilst the club is currently suspended due to COVID, if you are interested in joining it in the future, then let me know and I will ensure that you are contacted as soon as it restarts.


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