17th Feb 2021

(3 March 2021 12:00 am)

Today, we were joined by Steve Nutt from Computer Room Services who talked to us about low and high tech solutions for visually impaired people. Steve is himself totally blind, and, he would describe himself as a computer geek who loves gadgets, music, sound editing and restoration of media.

Some of the services offered by Computer Room include:
•    On site and remote computer support
•    Computer training – JAWS, NVDA, SUPERNOVA
•    Product sales including – voice recorders, braille displays
•    Sound editing and restoration of files and discs

Steve gave a brief demonstration of LIDAR on the new IPhone 12 Pro. LIDAR stands for Light Detection and Ranging and can be used to detect distances between people and people and people and objects, which could assist a visually impaired person with social distancing in the current climate.

The full presentation and discussion can be accessed via the audio recording which is now available on the Warwickshire Vision website via this link https://warwickshire.vision/how-we-can-help/vision-support-centres/support-centre-videos/

You can contact Steve at Computer Room Services by connecting via his website https://www.comproom.co.uk/  or by calling 01438 742286

•    Kate Fensome shared with the group that she had recently purchased a new iron from Sainsbury’s which glows different colours depending on the temperature. She was really pleased with it and found it easy to use. Here is a link to the iron recommended by Kate https://www.argos.co.uk/product/7922136 

•    We had a brief discussion regarding the May 6th elections and how service users can register for postal votes in the absence of attending a polling station. Additional information will be provided at a future meeting once further research is carried out with the local authorities.

•    Paul Bowler-Lane shared two small videos which he had made of his Robotic Vacuum in operation. Unfortunately, they didn’t come across very well on the audio. A robo vac is a small circular device which hoovers floors independently. Group members asked us to share the research which we did on Paul’s behalf before Christmas regarding robo vacs. WVS cannot recommend a particular device or supplier, but here is some information on robo vacs.
This is a link to PC Mag which does reviews and this is all the reviews about robo vacs.

The Independent Newspaper also has an article about robo vacs and some reviews. The link to that article is below:

Amazon as you would expect have lots to choose from – here is a link to their robo vacs: https://www.amazon.co.uk/s?k=robovac

Looking ahead to the next meeting, we are due to meet at 2pm on Wednesday 3rd March. We will be joined firstly by Christine Huber who is our Senior Rehabilitation Officer. Christine will be discussing general rehabilitation issues with the group and answering questions. We will also be joined at 3pm by Sally Bannister – Warwickshire Census Coordinator who will talk to the group about the forthcoming Census and how the local authority are going to support people, ensuring its completion.

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