Beware, E-Scooters are Coming

(17 August 2020 12:00 am)

A recent decision to permit the trialling of rented electric scooters in Birmingham and Coventry has raised a great deal of concern across the local VI community.

Although designed to provide greener travel solutions, the nature of electric vehicles causes problems for people living with sight loss who struggle to hear an approaching vehicle.  The fact that e-scooters are small and silent makes them particularly difficult to identify, whilst a proposed top speed of 15.5 mph increases the likelihood of a collision.

Currently, RNIB is asking that e-scooters have a restricted speed limit of 12.5 mph but the preference is for 4 mph; that they are designed to make a recognisable sound; there are clear parking regulations to avoid trip risks; and, that there should be a full public consultation on the subject after the trial period.

E-scooters will not be allowed on pavements, but there remains a great deal of concern as to the extent that this can and will be enforced.

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