Fun sessions to help your child develop through play

(16 August 2021 12:39 pm)

Guide Dogs have created a program to support you and your child, helping them to develop the practical skills and confidence to explore their world – all through the power of play.

Guide Dogs understand the importance of early intervention for babies and young children with a vision impairment, and My Time to Play is designed to give them the best possible start in life.

Group programmes

Guide Dogs offer structured, fun, and supportive sessions for you and your child, each based around sensory stories and related activities including songs, craft activities, yoga, and music.

As a parent, you’ll be able to meet people in a similar situation and share experiences. You’ll also pick up skills and knowledge that will help you support your child’s early years development with confidence.


a programme of five face-to-face and two online sessions, including an assessment with a habilitation specialist. This helps identify additional support that your child may need - of particular value for older children transitioning into nursery or pre-school.

a virtual programme of seven sessions, so if you live in a remote location or find it difficult to travel, you can still join in. All activities can be easily done at home, using everyday items.

Online resources

Free online resources complement our group sessions and contain useful information and guidance, as well as a nursery rhyme songbook with fun actions, and activity sheets you can follow at home.

Together, My Time to Play can help your child gain confidence, achieve their milestones and understand the world.

My Time to Play is delivered by our habilitation specialists and focuses on five key areas of your child’s development:

Concept development

Sensory skills

Fine and gross motor skills

Self-help and the first steps to independence

Communication skills.

The programme aligns with the stages outlined in the Development Journal for Babies and Young Children with Visual Impairment (DJVI) – a recognised framework used by health, education and habilitation professionals when working with children with a vision impairment.

"The very first session involved a bell and my son loved it so much, he crawled for the first time ever to get the bell. We have fun every week and will be so sad when it ends!" - Sarah, Mum to Alfie, aged 10 months

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