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(12 January 2021 12:00 am)

It’s amazing the difference a simple thing, like a bump-on attached to your microwave, can make to your cooking isn’t it?  Easy, cheap and it works!

But what is available for VIPs in the kitchen at the other end of the market?  A lot of talking stuff is the answer!  

Washing machines (yes, really), microwaves, jugs, kitchen scales, timers and clocks, thermometers, tin lids and labels to name a few. 

Things to consider about talking gadgets are the voice preference, a male/female/electronic, and the volume range.  

Talking Kitchen Scales start at around £40. Some come with a jug or bowl and announce the weight in kg/g or pounds and ounces. Tare (zero) function – allows you to zero measurements before adding further ingredients. 

Consider: colour: don’t purchase white scales if your kitchen counter tops are also white – think contrast.  

Talking Food Thermometers measure in Celsius or Fahrenheit.  Some also have an LCD screen that displays the temperature in large font size. Cost from £25

Consider: does it turn itself off and/or revert to standby mode to preserve battery life?

Talking Tin Lids cost from £6 and are round magnetic re-recordable devices that can attach to your tinned goods.  As you put your shopping away, record what’s in the tin. They attach to any metal surface.  Can also be used for leaving short messages to someone in your home, record a shopping or to-do list.   Note, check the recording time – some play for 20 seconds, some 40 seconds.  Remember, recording will wipe out any previous message.

Talking Kitchen Timers cost from about £10. Some have LCD display in large figures. 

Adapting the thing you already have is often the best way forward as you are familiar with that piece of equipment.  We encourage all VIPs to use the vision they have, but we all love a gadget.  Talking gadgets are great, but sometimes we want a peaceful life.  So here are a few more ideas for items that don’t answer back!

These are just a few examples available for some of the kitchen gadgets that make cooking more accessible, if you are interested in these items and need any assistance purchasing them, please get in touch. 



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