Save Money with Pension Credits

(16 June 2022 12:00 am)

If anyone is eligible and not currently receiving pension credit, it is worthwhile them checking and claiming immediately!

Pension Credit is a top up worth average £65 / week for people aged 66 or over with a weekly income of below c£200.

In addition to extra income, it often leads to council tax reduction (c£1000 p.a.), warm home discount (c£140 p.a.) as well as cold weather payments (£25 p.w.), housing benefit for some renters (£1000s p.a.) the lump sum payment to assist with energy bill prices (£650 made in 2 payments of £325 in July and the autumn, you have to be registered for Pension Credit by July!) + free dental care, vouchers for glasses and more! Also for the over 75s: free TV licence (£159 / year)

This is NOT an automatic provision, clients MUST claim and be aware it can only be backdated for 3 months.

To make a claim, you will need:
•    Your national insurance number
•    Information about your income, savings and investments
•    Your bank account details

To check if you are eligible:
To do this, it's easiest if you have details of your current earnings, benefits and pensions to hand (for you and your partner if you live with them). It'll then give an instant estimate of how much you're due. 

Pension Credit online calculator:
Pension Credit calculator - GOV.UK (

Or call the Government Pension Service helpline (you can also claim using this number)
Telephone: 0800 99 1234 

To claim online: Pension Credit: How to claim - GOV.UK (

More info – taken from

Q. Can I get it if I'm a homeowner / claim other benefits / live with grown-up family?
Q. What counts as 'total income'?
Income from work, pension, state pension, some benefits, and savings/investments over £10,000 (this is counted as £1 per week in income per £500 of savings above £10,000 …).

Pension Credit's a naff name for what's simply an income 'top-up' payment. Technically it's a means-tested benefit to help those without enough to live off, with two parts:
•    Guarantee Credit: This tops your income up to at least £182.60/week for singles or £278.70/week for cohabiting or married couples of state pension age. You may get more if you've got extra 'responsibilities', such as a severe disability, are a carer, or look after an under 20-year-old. The average top-up is £65/wk, so that's £3,300/year.
•    Savings Credit: If you hit state pension age before Apr 2016 (so you're roughly aged 71+) you may be due a top-up if you have savings, even if you're not due Guarantee Credit - the aim was to stop those who'd put something aside for their future being disadvantaged. …. most should just call to check.

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