Ways to Volunteer

Louise charity run


We are only able to offer our services thanks to the generosity of others. We ask all our Volunteers to consider what they can do to help us to increase our profile and raise funds.

  • Organise your own fundraising event or stall at a local fair.
  • Use your skills to generate money by selling your products or sponsor you.
  •  Run a coffee morning in aide of our charity.


Telephone icon

Telephone Befriending

Due to COVID-19 we have developed a telephone befriending service. We now have over 280 service users in receipt of a weekly call which provides them with stimulating conversation, community connection and that vital ongoing welfare check.

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Home visitor in action

Home Visitors

Support people living on their own, help to read correspondence, share a book or newspaper, check use-by dates on food in the fridge, or simply have a chat and a cup of tea. If you enjoy meeting people and are willing to donate a few hours each month, then you could make a real difference and brighten up someone’s day.

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Bowling club

Club Organisers

We run 14 clubs across Warwickshire. There are many ways to participate, from organising entertainments and welcoming the members to helping serve refreshments and keeping the accounts. Of course the most important part is to sit down and have a chat with the members.

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Outing via bus


Many of our members struggle to get around. Some live in remote villages with poor public transport or are unable to leave the house without support. Our Volunteers drive our members to and from clubs and meetings ensuring that everyone who wants to join in, is free to do so.

at a support centre

Vision Support Centres

We host weekly Vision Support Centres in Leamington, Nuneaton, Rugby, Stratford and ad hoc sessions across North Warwickshire. Our Volunteers arrange the venue,
welcome people on arrival, make refreshments and provide a friendly face and a listening ear.

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IT lesson


Technology is everywhere. But many people living with sight loss really struggle to stay connected. If you have good IT knowledge and are interested in learning about access technology, why not join our IT4U programme and help visually impaired people to bridge the digital divide.

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WVS Hospital advice display

Advice Desks

Losing one’s vision can be an extremely traumatic experience. The sooner a person receives support, the more likely they are to maintain their confidence and find it easier to learn new skills and coping strategies.
Our Eye Clinic Advice Desks are designed to give information and support to people newly diagnosed with sight loss. This is a challenging role for someone who really wants to make a difference.

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PAT testing Icon

Portable Appliance Testing (PAT)

Qualified PAT tester to do annual checks on company equipment and demo stock. Also to do adhoc testing on donated items so that they can be moved on to other service users.

selection of magazines


We have vacancies for the editorial team and feature writers for Warwickshire Vision.
If you feel you can contribute or have any experience in publishing why not join the team.

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admin volunteers in action

Admin Volunteers

We send out a great deal of essential information to our 3,000 members. If you live near Warwick and can help with filing, photocopying letters and addressing/filling envelopes etc then join our wonderful admin team.

a lecture


If you enjoy public speaking, perhaps you could make presentations on our behalf to local clubs and groups.

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