Coventry and Warwickshire year of wellbeing 2019

Only by actively sourcing new areas of financial support can we hope to maintain and develop our services.

We are keen to develop mutually beneficial relationships with companies that share our commitment to supporting blind and partially sighted people in Warwickshire and Coventry.  

We believe that supporting us can also enhance your corporate profile and communicate a strong message about your company’s commitment to contributing productively and meaningfully to your community.  

By supporting Warwickshire Vision Support, you can generate goodwill towards your organisation and provide an opportunity to raise your profile in a way that can increase sales and create positive brand awareness across the region.

Each company has different skills and resources and a different approach to supporting charities. Here are some ways that you can support Warwickshire Vision Support.    

Charity of the Year

Supporting a chosen charity can be a great way to bring your staff together in a fun and rewarding way.  We can work closely with you to develop a bespoke programme that integrates the commitment you are able to make to our activities.

Employee Volunteering

Many employers and employees like to be actively involved with local charities.

We can offer a variety of opportunities to volunteers including:

Club helpers, IT training support, Drivers, Fundraisers, Home Visitors or donating a particular technical skill or talent.

Employee fundraising

Encouraging employees to take part in fundraising is a great way of team building.  Activities can help to motivate staff, build confidence and positively impact on the way employees and their families regard the company.  

You can support a good cause and have a lot of fun!  It can be an excellent way to attract good publicity and illustrate how seriously your organisation takes its relationship with the community. 

Matched Giving

Why not top-up the amount an employee raises?  By rewarding employees for their charitable work you are valuing your staff and promoting your company.

Payroll Giving

Payroll Giving is a simple way for your employees to donate to a nominated charity through their salary.  

Collection boxes 

We can provide you with collection boxes for your employees or customers.

It is amazing how much money can be raised through the donation of loose change.

Gifts in kind

What may be obsolete equipment to you could have a new and fruitful life with us.

Alternatively, you may be able to offer professional services, training or specialist advice.

It’s a Win-Win Situation

Charity partnering really does benefit all parties.  Of course as recipients of your generous support and the tireless efforts of your organisation, we are able to help more people.

In return, your organisation is able to make a meaningful and highly regarded donation to the local community.  Your contribution and achievements raise your profile and enhance your reputation with your customers, shareholders and employees.

Next Steps

If you would like more information, please contact us by telephone on 01926 411331 or complete our Contact Us form.

Thank you 

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